Enterprise Mobility

Mobile footprint is growing. You have to figure out how to innovate, design, and develop cost effective mobile applications and efficiently deploy, manage and support them in this evolving and continuous journey.

Whether you have one or multiple mobile platforms in your environment, providing an optimal user experience for different devices is difficult. This is especially true at a time when budgets are tight, staffing levels are flat and user uptime is critical. Engaging seasoned experts is a proven way to gain expertise, control cost and establish a consistent and reliable mobile environment without increasing internal staff.

Mobile applications are constantly changing and updates are core to maintain a competitive edge. One of our differentiators is our ability to maintain mobile applications over extended timeframes.

Many mobile application companies are consulting firms that develop the application and then redeploy resources for other projects. The knowledge of the application and business environment is lost with the consultant.

Emorphis takes a longer term view utilizing a global services team that is familiar with and cross trained across client applications insuring that service is rendered as and when applicable. This approach closely resembles, “Mobility as a Service model” and has many of the cost and flexibility advantages associated with this approach.

Mobile Strategy & Consulting

  • Create a Go-to Market Strategy on mobile

  • Create a BYOD Strategy for mobile

  • End-to- end mobility solution architecture creation

  • Human Factors consultation

  • Test strategy creation for mobile

  • Mobile Device Management

  • Consultation and Configuration

  • iOS application submission guidelines

Our Services

  • Emorphis - creative-ui-ux-design

    Mobile UI design services

    Best practices based mobile UI design, and stunning, eye-catching user interfaces from designers who understand mobility

  • Emorphis - ecommerce-development

    Rapid UI prototyping Services

    WYSIWYG user interfaces using HTML5 technology

  • Holistic Maintenance and Support

    Version upgrades for mobile applications

  • Emorphis - ecommerce-customization-add-ons

    Mobile Application Development

    Core Native Development across iOS, android, windows and blackberry devices HTML 5 based mobile frameworks for seamless platform agnostic applications

  • Emorphis - ecommerce-support-maintenance

    Mobile Testing

    Performace Validation, Benchmarking, Scorecard, Regression Automation Tool kit Compliance and Security

  • Emorphis - ecommerce-strategy-consulting

    Third Party Frameworks

    Experience in developing apps using Urban Airship, Moengage, pushwoosh, Parse, FCM, Retrofit, Volley, OkHttp, Google Analytics and Facebook

Technology Expertise