Evolution of Mobile Apps

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Nowadays mobile apps are the essential part of people’s life. From morning breakfast to dinner schedule mobile apps play a vital role. A phone without any apps seems to be useless just like a fish without water!

After the launch of Apple’s App Store, mobile applications usage increased rapidly and have become one of the fundamental way to schedule their tasks, shop, track health status, socialize etc.  Due to heavy usage of mobile apps, a great opportunity has opened for marketers in Mobile Market.

Lets have a look in the evolution of mobile apps:

In 1994, Simon – a touchscreen device by IBM entered into the market with few inbuilt apps and IBM sold 50,000 units of it. That was the beginning period of mobile app.

In 2002, a powerful smartphone BlackBerry released by RIM which increased the requirement of applications.

In 2007, Apple released their first iPhone with more enhanced pre-reloaded apps.

In 2008, Apple launched the App Store which took the level of demand of apps to peak. And, in the same year Google launched Android Market.

By 2009, total apps from App Store downloaded more than 1 Billion times which indicates the rise of mobile marketing.

In 2010, Android set its own benchmark of exceeding 1 Billion times download from Android Market.

Due to the growth of people’s interest & mobile market, Apple Inc. ate all the apples in the starting month of 2011 because total app downloads exceed 10 Billion and by the end of December 2011, Total Android Market app downloads exceeded 10 Billion.

In 2nd quarter of 2012, Instagram – an iPhone based camera app passes 50 million downloads and AngryBirds – another popular gaming app exceeds 1 Billion downloads.

After reading, you can conclude how big opportunity still lies in the mobile market. From individual to company, everyone wants their app on mobile because it is the fastest and reliable way to reach your target users.

Now what’s next?

Total number of app downloads will cross 44 Billion [Predicted]

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