We understand that each industry has its own unique requirements and challenges. At Emorphis, we have business experience and expertise that you need. Our analysis team is always well-informed with the latest trends in the focused industries, and help our clients take right decision for their unique business requirements.


Our functional experts are involved in all the stages of projects, including requirement analysis, user experience conceptualization and solution design.


Our innovative solutions enriched by our experience make Emorphis your  truly local business partner.


Media & Publishing

With the boom in digital consumption, media players ranging from print to mobile are exploring new stream of revenue generation. .

If you are a digital agency, print paper or magazine publisher, or have a web presence, we can help you enhance the end user experience and streamline the process of content creation and management to publishing, distribution and subscription management.

By leveraging our technical and domain strength we have also developed an Out of the Box solution for publishing houses that want to capitalize on huge content available with them.

Our in-house solution, “iPublisher” is capable of managing a variety of content and publish that to the end user in an attractive and intuitive mobile/desktop app interface. Read more about "iPublisher”


Retail & ECommerce

We realize that with increasing popularity of E-Commerce, the need of flexible, powerful and scalable solutions for the retail market is imperative. For various retail giants we have developed cutting edge and innovative E-business, store operations and supply chain management/execution solutions.

By leveraging our IT services and Industry expertise, team Emorphis offers improved services with convenience, smooth operation with better customer retention, generating increased profit for our customers.



We equip Insurance companies with the latest technologies and tools that allow them to automate and streamline business processes which provide efficiency in operations and customer service.

With a profound understanding of the insurance domain, our business and technology experts offer IT services and solutions around multi-channel integration, policy and claim management, fraud detection, customer interaction and mobility. We empower our customers with advanced software solutions required across the entire insurance value chain.


Health Care

Emorphis enables healthcare organizations to transform, innovate, optimize and build a connected healthcare enterprise. We believe in transforming the day to day experience by developing smart integrated solutions for clinics, supervisors, case managers, doctors,patients, nurses, pharma companies and payers.

We assists the health care ecosystem with a variety of services around Legacy system modernization, Digital strategy creation, EHR, EMR and mHealth initiatives.



Global Manufacturers are focusing on process improvement and increase production efficiency while maintaining product quality. Our experts realize the industry need and develop business specific solutions that accelerate innovation, increase productivity, reduce operational expenditure, and optimize asset utilization.

From general manufacturing and automotive to industrial solutions around ERP, Supply chain and Inventory management, team Emorphis can help your business get the most value out of IT investments and carefully craft business solutions to drive competitive differentiation.


Travel & Hospitality

To create a brand & signature in the present competitive environment, enterprises from travel and hospitality industry are increasingly focusing upon improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction with the help of new age business solutions.

Our customers are leveraging our expertise on migration and development of central reservation systems, hotel property management, financial management and restaurant management etc. To stay ahead of the competition, now they are also focusing on real-time communication via services like seasonal promotions, personalized services, loyalty program and targeted advertisements, and we proudly cover it all.