Emorphis - Mobile-app-development

Emorphis empowers enterprises, workforce and customers to be connected and productive with truly customized and integrated enterprise mobility services & solutions. We use “best in class” technologies, to deliver prompt & flexible but scalable & affordable Mobile solutions, compatible for diversified devices.

Following mobile apps development trends, we bring value to your business and act as a true companion of your mobility journey. Following the best practices of enabling smart mobility, we ensure protecting your business data with a layered security approach that protects at every level: apps, data, and devices.

We Live Mobility with you

  • Emorphis - Envisioning-Your-BIG-Idea

    Envisioning Your BIG Idea

    Analyse or conceptualize your raw business idea or explore the mobile opportunities that exist across the business.

  • Emorphis - Create-Simple-and-Intuitive-User-Experience

    Create Simple and Intuitive User Experience

    Create user centric design experience considering when and how user wants to access the info.

  • Emorphis - Revenue-Generating-Customer-App

    Revenue Generating Customer App

    Increase customer interaction with context specific smartphone application  for better service.

  • Emorphis - Mobile-QA-and-Testing-Services

    Mobile QA and Testing Services

    Cover diversity of mobile devices and match the expectations of quality,experience, usability, performance and security.

  • Emorphis - Go-Productive-with-App-for-Employees

    Go Productive with App for Employees

    Support BYOD model of business mobility and enable secured access and exchange of critical data.

  • Emorphis - Cost-Saving-Business

    Cost Saving Business/Workforce App

    Task oriented, permission based enterprise grade mobility solutions with layered authentication, data security and information flow.

  • Emorphis - Mobile-Extension-and-Integration-with-Backend-System

    Mobile Extension and Integration with Backend System

    Analyzing and extending the right fit piece on mobile,creating API and integrate with existing backend system or middleware.

  • Emorphis - Deployment-and-Maintenance

    Deployment and Maintenance

    Secured deployment of the application for the end user and providing post maintenance.

Technology Expertise