Mobility Quality Assurance & Testing
Organizations, globally, are looking for new methodologies and practices to smoothly manage digital transformation and to improve quality, speed and reduce cost.


We examine product requirements from five different views: functional, performance, security, user and maintenance. By understanding the requirements and identifying the gaps, we map the requirements to a test specification, which then becomes the framework for quality throughout the product lifecycle.

The Quality Assurance Team at Emorphis works consistently during the entire phase of the project to make sure that every product we deliver is stable and requires low maintenance. We help organizations ensure that the software released in market meets the needs of end-user and is scalable, stable, secure, as well as high performing.


With Emorphis’s Quality Centre of Excellence (Q-CoE) our clients experience

  • Emorphis - Strategy-driven-testing-services

    Strategy Driven Testing Services

  • Emorphis - Boost-application-performance

    Boost application performance

  • Emorphis - Faster-time-to-market-by-automating-the-test-cycle

    Faster time-to-market by automating the test cycle

  • Emorphis - Reduced-cost-of-maintenance

    Reduced cost of maintenance

  • Emorphis - Improved-customer-satisfaction

    Improved customer satisfaction

  • Emorphis - Increased-business-value

    Increased business value

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