Restaurant Technology : Before you begin your POS journey…

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If you’re like most restaurateurs, choosing the best POS system or designing a POS for your business can often seem intimidating. It’s a big investment and can have a huge impact on the success and efficiency of your restaurant, bar or cafe.

Before getting started let’s talk basics, it is important to list down what to consider when designing a POS system for restaurants. It should certainly have traditional POS functionality along with features to satisfy restaurant operation requirements and current market trends. Take the time to analyse your business needs, here are basic yet primary items to consider when you begin conceptualizing the restaurant POS software

-The programming and software architecture should be consistent across sites that have implemented the POS, which will allow all internal    users (employees) to quickly learn how to use the system.

The combination of on premise and in the cloud POS works best in odd situations. If your Internet goes down, your POS will still be able to  process and take orders with multiple layers of redundancy.

The system should be easy to customize as per business need and help user to run their routine operations smoothly and should also have other  functionality to engage customers and better manage business.

Ready with most demanded features like consumer engagement, security, employee theft and business intelligence and much more that can add  more value to customer’s business.

Equipped with various analytics and reports for futuristic planning including total sale, server sales, product mix, labor costs, item sales,  category sales, speed of service and much more.

The designed system should have smart interaction and cover all the basic and most desired features demanded in the business scenario, and it  should also be friendly for cashiers and make their job easier.

Flexible to integrate with third party software’s and applications, this brings more freedom to add-on any desired application when the user  wants to upgrade.

Above listed points are some very crucial elements you will want to relook when you begin implementing or developing a new POS Restaurant System for your business. Please note that the feature rich solutions are ideal for quick service, fast casual, casual dining and fine dining restaurants. Developed with the futuristic approach the smart POS can be used on fixed POS terminals, built-for-purpose handheld devices and consumer mobile devices.

Emorphis technical squads have years of experience in developing and implementing cutting edge technology for restaurant industry. We have developed various POS solutions which transform business and improved core operational processes and overall guest experience. When you begin your POS purchase journey or develop a home grown system make sure to partner with trusted team like Emorphis to execute your business and technical strategy in more effective and productive way, speak to our representative anytime when you begin your POS drive.