Restaurant Technology : The Internet of Food…

Emorphis - the internet of food

The Internet of Food is changing the way we find, prepare, order, deliver and consume food and beverages. This bring up the entire food tech ecosystem at one place and allows all key value chain players from hotels, restaurants, suppliers, customers and technology enablers to deliver seamless and convenient guest experience in more organized and productive manner.

As we move ahead in the joy ride of Internet of Food, the major focus of TOP POS  players is on innovation and lean IT. With adaption of high tech gadgets, the food  world is more connected and the enhancement in the food technologies to make it  future ready is the key to success for every POS provider in this domain. Let’s talk  about two trends to keep in mind as buyers begin while searching for a restaurant  software:

Consumer-facing technology – To meet customer demands for faster checkouts,  easier payment options with suggested gratuities now restaurants are keeping their  eye to serve consumer technology in the dining experience. Top POS brands are  already initiated to integrate iPad with the backend system for smart menu and  seamless payments. The consumer facing innovation is making a table so smart i.e.  it could be the new face of the service industry. The smart table top are Internet and  cable TV ready, giving customers a wide array of activities to choose from and you  don’t have to worry about spilling your drink – the surfaces can handle accidents.

Lets look at some interesting findings* which supports this initiatives :

– 36 % of consumers say they are more likely to use technology options in restaurants now as compare to last two years.

– 65 % have noticed that restaurants offer more of these options in that same timeframe.

– 8 out of 10 consumers agree that restaurant-related technology enhances convenience, and 7 says it speeds up service    and increases order accuracy.

– 45% says that technology makes their restaurant interactions more fun.

* NRA’s research

In-House Technologies options for restaurant – To increase productivity and enhance guest experience with better services, now servers using integrated tablet or iPad apps. Despite enthusiasm for customer-facing technology, such as loyalty and guest services, technology investments are still primarily motivated by business efficiency and employee productivity. Increased adoption of mobile and tablets is boosting the services time and turning legacy operations into a quick service restaurant. Servers are using apps for iPhones, tablets, and other mobile devices to take orders in high-throughput restaurant locations. Tablet based systems have been aggressively building out their feature sets to compete with traditional POS systems.